NEWTH One Name Study

A World-Wide Study into the name NEWTH

Bristol, GLS, ENG


Tree: Gloucestershire1

City/Town : Latitude: 51.454513, Longitude: -2.5879099999999653

Tree: Wiltshire1

City/Town : Latitude: 51.454513, Longitude: -2.5879099999999653


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARTLET, Elizabath Ann Harwood  Q1 1875Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P4685
2 DAVIES, Rose Edith  1880Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0199
3 GILLINGHAM, Florence Mary Elizabeth  Q4 1872Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0134
4 HAYNES, Sarah Ann  Abt 1844Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P2496
5 LOUD, George William  Abt 1855Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0656
6 NEWTH, Alice Grace  Q4 1902Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0679
7 NEWTH, Arthur Charles  Q1 1911Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0841
8 NEWTH, Charles  10 Feb 1841Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0528
9 NEWTH, Charles Clifford  12 Apr 1901Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0484
10 NEWTH, Clifford Haynes  Q1 1915Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0876
11 NEWTH, Ella Lydia  20 Dec 1867Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0080
12 NEWTH, Francis Edward Stanley  Q3 1889Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0338
13 NEWTH, Frank Walter  Q2 1877Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0189
14 NEWTH, Freda E  Q4 1918Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0922
15 NEWTH, Gladys Lilian  Q4 1916Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0921
16 NEWTH, Gwendolyn Joyce Mary  Q1 1905Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0749
17 NEWTH, James  Q2 1839Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0516
18 NEWTH, James Herbert Alfred  06 Nov 1926Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P1022
19 NEWTH, Leslie Wallace  17 Dec 1912Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0873
20 NEWTH, Lily  Q1 1899Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0453
21 NEWTH, Margaret Evelyn  Q4 1935Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P1029
22 NEWTH, Brig Peter Leslie OBE MA  04 Oct 1930Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0672
23 NEWTH, Rose Selina Maud  Q4 1907Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0794
24 NEWTH, Rosina Hilda Augusta  Q3 1884Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0293
25 NEWTH, Sarah Ann  Q1 1887Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0320
26 NEWTH, Tony Kenneth  Q3 1970Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P3401
27 NEWTH, Walter Raymond  Q2 1909Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0811
28 OWENS, Sarah Hannah  Abt 1837Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P2360
29 SMART, Julia Isabel  Abt 1866Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0098
30 TANNER, Rawene Mary  07 Dec 1915Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0710


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALFORD, Blanche Mary Gertrude  20 Dec 1953Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0352
2 BAKER, Mary Gillett  20 Nov 1920Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P2497
3 BISHOP, Emma  Q2 1942Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0202
4 BRITTON, Alice Alvina  Q1 1981Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0462
5 BROOMSGROVE, Florence H M  Q1 1962Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0874
6 BROWNING, Bertha Elizabeth  01 Feb 1968Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P1894
7 CHUBB, Edmund Daniel W  Q4 1980Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0946
8 COATES, Doris Mary  22 Jul 1994Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0975
9 GERRISH, Anna Maria  Q4 1907Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P1139
10 LOWE, Edith Emily  Q4 1925Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0205
11 NEWTH, Albert  Oct 2004Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0856
12 NEWTH, Algernon William  Q1 1902Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0483
13 NEWTH, Annie Maria Eliza  02 Jun 1939Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0013
14 NEWTH, Arthur Charles  Q2 1911Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0841
15 NEWTH, Arthur Edward  18 Nov 1946Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0054
16 NEWTH, Caroline Elizabeth  Q4 1876Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0015
17 NEWTH, Catherine  Q1 1951Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0025
18 NEWTH, Charles Herbert  Q2 1971Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0183
19 NEWTH, Charles Victor  03 Aug 1879Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0039
20 NEWTH, Daisy Gwendoline  02 Jul 1981Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0401
21 NEWTH, Edward Henry  29 Jan 1996Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0844
22 NEWTH, Edward Leonard  Q1 1966Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0360
23 NEWTH, Eliza  09 Apr 1969Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0185
24 NEWTH, Francis Edward Stanley  Q4 1943Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0338
25 NEWTH, Frank Walter  19 Apr 1934Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0189
26 NEWTH, Frederick James  Q4 1943Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0068
27 NEWTH, George Henry Reginald MA  01 Feb 1978Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0680
28 NEWTH, Gladys Lilian  1987Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0921
29 NEWTH, Herbert George  17 May 1929Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0124
30 NEWTH, James Herbert Alfred  13 Sep 1985Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P1022
31 NEWTH, Lily  Q4 1931Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0453
32 NEWTH, Michael Rafael  05 Sep 2005Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P2081
33 NEWTH, Rose Selina Maud  Q1 1906Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0396
34 NEWTH, Rosina Hilda Augusta  Q4 1953Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0293
35 NEWTH, Sarah Ann  Q1 1887Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0320
36 NEWTH, Walter Gellett  Q4 1876Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0159
37 NEWTH, Walter Raymond  Q3 1912Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0811
38 NEWTON, Elizabeth  Q1 1902Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0060
39 NORTHOVER, Olive  Q4 1966Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0496
40 PARKER, Edna Grace  15 Mar 1998Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0888
41 SMART, Julia Isabel  Q4 1944Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P0098
42 STEPHENS, Catherine  16 Oct 1920Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P3412
43 TAYLOR, Vera Blanch W  Q1 1983Bristol, GLS, ENG I-P2038


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAKER / NEWTH  Q2 1913Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0126
2 BUTLER / NEWTH  Q3 1911Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0770
3 CARDELL / NEWTH  Q2 1908Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0107
4 CHUBB / NEWTH  Q1 1935Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0305
5 CLIFTON / PITT  Q2 1901Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M2296
6 GANGE / NEWTH  Q3 1918Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0433
7 GREEN / NEWTH  Q2 1919Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0117
8 HASSELL / NEWTH  Q4 1893Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0030
9 KEMP / NEWTH  Q3 1891Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0028
10 LONG / NEWTH  Q4 1915Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0103
11 NEWTH / ALFORD  Q3 1918Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0121
12 NEWTH / BAKER  25 Jun 1863Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0432
13 NEWTH / BRITTON  Q1 1925Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0149
14 NEWTH / BROOMSGROVE  Q2 1912Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0265
15 NEWTH / DAVIES  Q2 1907Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0064
16 NEWTH / GILLINGHAM  Q2 1895Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0043
17 NEWTH / HUGGINS  Q3 1947Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0639
18 NEWTH / LOWE  Q4 1922Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0075
19 NEWTH / PARKER  Q4 1942Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0272
20 NEWTH / SANDS  Q4 1919Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0152
21 NEWTH / TAYLOR  Q2 1923Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0671
22 NEWTH / THOMPSON  Q1 1907Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0714
23 NEWTH / WYATT  Q1 1955Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0654
24 RUSSELL / NEWTH  Q2 1903Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0088
25 THOMSON / NEWTH  29 Nov 1916Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0137
26 WARD / NEWTH  Q3 1925Bristol, GLS, ENG F-M0213